The Bacardi Legacy National Final Winner

A name to be remembered and a drink to be enjoyed. Designed by our Ory Bartender and National Final Winner Andre Kohler.

Ory Bar is home to the winner-drink, however, it can be enjoyed at many different locations in the course of Andres various guest shifts.

Dates for the guest shifts are coming up here soon.

HERE you can find the article about Andres entry to the global finals

You can find the video to the Drink HERE

What makes Ascético so exceptional?

The Ascético is a powerful Drink reminding of a Martini Cocktail - one you are not likely to forget. The same applies to the spirit that gives it its unique edge.


The Bacardi Carta Blanca, a white rum that has managed to outdate descriptions such as „bitter and unfiltered“. Adding a combination of Cabinet Wine and Elderflower Syrup that suggest Lychee- and Pineapple aromas, the Ascético is a Drink with many facets for every taste.

Puristic ingredients everybody knows and loves, result in a complex and compelling Drink when combined. The assembly is unpretentious and simple, the taste however, bears intensity and intricacy.

With this in mind, came the decision to support the extraordinary work of the Red Cross organization with every drink sold. Proving that something as simple as a drink can, with a little help, can make a considerable contribution.

The Recipe
5clBacardi Carta Blanca
0.4clElderflower Syrup
1clSweet Wine
5Dashes Balsamic Vinegar