The Ory Team


Bio Paulina „Polly“ Nowakowska.


Polly is a graduate in business management for system catering and has thus fallen in love with the bar business. Her first professional station was the adjacent Menage Bar & now she is ready for the new chapter: Ory Bar.


Bio Ekkehard Bay.


"Ekki" has previously worked at Fitz's Bar in London, the Munich Roomers & the Flushing Meadows Hotel. It's been going on in the Ory Bar since October 2020.

Maximilian Gradl, München, Ory Bar, Gastronom

Bio Maximilian Gradl.

Managing Director / Partner

This gastronomic visionary and managerial head of venues such as Herzog, Café Vorhoelzer and Lausa Bar amongst others, leads this project. With his extensive experience and competence he ensures smooth operations and by that, great evenings.


Bio Alexander Recknagel.

Marketing / Partner

Long-time partner of Maximilian and also responsible for venues such as Herzog and Lausa Bar, operates as Head of Marketing. He is responsible for every aspect of external communications and events, thus for making Ory an exciting addition to Munich's gastronomic landscape.


A heartfelt thank you for the support to make our dream Ory Bar become reality:

Heiko Esdar mit Hofbräu
Maximilian Brandmair von der VR Bank Dachau
Reiner Faltermeier mit Krug
Sebastian Tewes mit Beam Suntory
Erwin Rottmair mit Objekt Leasing
Esther Drasner-Wagner
Mike Dammbach mit Johnnie Walker
Franz Stettner mit Ory Gin
Moritz Gerharter mit Bacardi
Swen Neumann mit Campari
Mina Lippisch mit Pay-Jet
Christian Auer mit RedBull